I’ve been smoking hookah for years and this is hands down the best shisha I’ve had! The burn time seems like it can go forever. Even when the shisha is burned underneath it doesn’t taste burnt. The flavors are just right and the smoke is so big! My favorite flavor right now the Forbidden Fruit! It’s a super plus that it is non-tobacco and nicotine free.


Nice thick clouds, long lasting flavor, relaxing effects after! I’m a heavy hookah smoker and there’s nothing like this on the market!


As someone who easily gets nauseous from just a couple pulls of hookah, Acre compares to nothing else on the market. There's no harshness yet still very potent. With every pull the flavor further develops and truly appetizes your palette. Each strain is top notch, I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to. After using Acre products, I truly can never return to the mediocre hookah found in the tobacco stores.

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